For the past nine years, I have been blessed to own & operate Action Spine & Sports Medicine.

I started the clinic to help athletes of all levels continue working and performing at the highest level they chose.

However, in 2020, with the impact of COVID, I realized that continuing to run ASSM may not be a reality.

I have concluded it is time to close my doors. July will be my last month in business. I’ve reached out to a few providers that I respect and feel would be great practitioners for the athletes I’ve been lucky to serve over my time with ASSM.

Dr. Kristen Douhan, DPT, ATC (Sports Physical Therapist) Sports Rehab Consulting. Dr. Douhan is a physical therapist as well as an athletic trainer. She has a strong background working with Team USA Rugby (currently their head ATC for the Men’s National Team). She also dry needles! Call Kristen on (855) 437-6444 ext. 704

Dr. Justin Dukes, DC (sports chiropractor) Body In Motion Chiropractic on (720) 376-9037. Dr. Dukes has a sports chiropractic background and specializes in working with runners and triathletes.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take care of you all over the past nine years. It has truly been an honor. I wish you all the best! Sincerely, Dr. Ben Cowin